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Debugging Timeout in IIS 7.0

Posted by scottj on January 11, 2012 in Debugging with No Comments

I’ve been working in SharePoint, and when debugging against my local IIS 7.0 instance, there is a 90-second page timeout.  If you’re not done with what you’re investigating at a breakpoint within 90 seconds, IIS will terminate the process hosting your code and dump you unceremoniously.

The tweak is quite easy though.  Open IIS Manager, find the appropriate app pool, right-click it and choose Advanced Settings.  In the Process section, turn Ping Enabled to false.

This will make your debugging sessions much more leisurely, as IIS won’t proactively terminate processes anymore.  You won’t want to leave it like that on a test or production server as that’s how IIS determines if a process has hung so that it can be restarted, but it’s great for your own develpoment environments.

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