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.NET Data Services MERGE permissions

Posted by scottj on July 20, 2010 in Debugging with 1 Comment

With the help of a colleague and my client, we reproduced and diagnosed a permissions issue we were having with an elevation of a .NET Data Service from our development environment.  When executing MERGE queries through .NET Data Services, we would receive a 401.1 permissions denied error, and the update would fail.

The solution we found was that .NET Data Services appears to require file system Modify permission to the .svc file on the web server.  If the app pool user has modify permissions, the MERGE request succeeds.  If it does not, the request will fail as above.

Personally, I hope I find a better solution someday.  There is, in my opinion, no reason for the account my web service is hosted under to have permission to modify its source file.  Google, however, has failed me on this one; our searches haven’t found any relevant information yet.

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